Ladakh Diaries – We travelled the roads less travelled

Day 4: Nubra Valley to Leh via Khardungla Pass

I got up early in the morning hoping to checkout the camp and the sunrise. The camp itself is situated on the banks of river Nubra and situated amidst the orchard farm. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the season for orchards and so no apples for us :(! The sunrise wasn’t something to write home about as the sun was hiding behind the mountains. We had an early breakfast and left at 8.30 am.

View from the Lharimo camp
View from the Lharimo camp

The day’s journey promised to be a shorter one as we didn’t have to take deviations to visit any monasteries. On our way to Khardungla top, it started snowing lightly. It made for a very good experience and we spent some time playing with the snow on route to Khardungla. The road from Nubra to Khardungla is 80 km long with bad roads starting from North Pullu. We reached the top at around 11.30 am, spent around 20 mins drinking tea and left to Leh. The top seemed to be a lot less crowded compared to the previous day and there wasn’t any traffic jam as well. We reached Leh on time for lunch where we were dropped at a restaurant close to Leh palace. After lunch, we visited the Leh palace, which turned out to be a bit of a dud, considering how majestic it looked from outside. The inside, on the contrary, looked very shady, very badly lit and seemed under construction. We didn’t explore it beyond a couple of steps.

View of Leh city
View of Leh city
Leh Palace
Leh Palace

We were back at the hotel by early evening with nothing much planned for the rest of the day. We spent the remaining part of the day relaxing.

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  1. A very intricate piece of writing.
    This will surely help folks who want to go to Ladakh.
    I’m surprised at the amount of details you remember!
    One feedback…
    It’d be even more helpful if you could break down the information into groups like “Approximate costs”, “Safety measures” etc (Something like what wikitravel does).
    Grouping day wise is great but I think this would be even more beneficial.
    I hate to be asking you to deviate from your style of writing because that’s something that comes naturally but just my 2 cents…


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