Ladakh Diaries – We travelled the roads less travelled

Day 8 : Departure

Our flight was at 7 am. So we had to be ready to leave the hotel by 4.30. We bid adieu to our driver and our cab mates and made our way to the check-in counter. Flights from Leh don’t allow for things to be carried in the cabin, except for the electronics stuff (not even clothing). They don’t even allow you to carry AA batteries, so if you have a camera which uses one, you better check them in. But you get additional 7 kg check in bag allowance. Once you check-in your bags and go through the security, you need to do an additional step of identifying your checked in baggage. Only after you do this, will they load your bags onto the aircraft. Leh, being a small airport, was full of MakeMyTrip tourists as they seemed to have booked the entire flight for themselves. We left as scheduled and reached Delhi at around 8.30. The rest of the day went eventless – the usual switching of terminals, using the lounge, which again saved us some money and gave us respite from the long wait, as our flight back to Bangalore was at 4.10 pm. The whole trip, though tiring to a large extent – mentally and physically, was very memorable indeed. We headed back home wondering if any of our future travels would raise our heartbeats as much as this one did! (literally and metaphorically ;))

One comment

  1. A very intricate piece of writing.
    This will surely help folks who want to go to Ladakh.
    I’m surprised at the amount of details you remember!
    One feedback…
    It’d be even more helpful if you could break down the information into groups like “Approximate costs”, “Safety measures” etc (Something like what wikitravel does).
    Grouping day wise is great but I think this would be even more beneficial.
    I hate to be asking you to deviate from your style of writing because that’s something that comes naturally but just my 2 cents…


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