Corbett and Mukteshwar – The gems of Kumaon

The other highlight of our stay inside was the experience of pursuing a mother tiger with its 3 cubs inside the core area near Dhikala. Unlike other national parks in India, the tigers in Corbett are very shy and don’t usually show themselves to visitors much. It is indeed a feat if you manage to spot one. But the experience of tracking the movement of tiger and following the leads and eventually spotting the tiger is nothing short of a thriller movie. Imagine 20 gypsies roaming around the same area with all of them knowing where the tiger(s) is, the alarm calls from the herbivores nearby suggesting the existence of the tiger nearby, tracking the fresh pug marks, having to silently wait for hours together at one spot with your camera in ready position knowing all too well that the tiger might cross at some other part of the road – makes for an absorbing day in the jungle.



Overall, during our stay inside, we managed to spot a lot of species of animals and birds – tiger, elephants, crocodiles, jackal, hog deer, barking deer, martens,  etc.

Protecting the young one!

IMG_0223 IMG_3794


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