Corbett and Mukteshwar – The gems of Kumaon

Bhimtal is again another small town in Nainital district known for the famous Bhimtal lake surrounded by mountains all around. Since we really wanted to avoid the hustle and bustle of Nainital, we decided to stay in this town as it would also provide for cheaper accommodation. The previous night, it had snowed only in Mukteshwar and not in the below towns and we were happy with our luck. After checking in to our hotel, we did a day trip to Nainital which was about 22 km away. In terms of natural beauty, Nainital is nothing compared to Mukteshwar and Bhimtal. It still has the Naini lake which was once famous for lots of colourful fishes. We also visited the zoo which is supposed to be the highest altitude zoo in India. Though we went looking for snow leopards which they once had, we were not disappointed with what they had to offer. After some shopping and trying out local chats, we were back at the hotel for our final night of the trip. It was coincidently the New year’s eve that day and our hotel had arranged for a musical night with bonfire. We did stay up till the clock ticked 12. The following day was full of travel.  Before starting our journey to Delhi, we decided to check out the boating at the Bhimtal lake. We reached Delhi by 7 pm just in time to board our train to Bangalore.

Bhimtal lake

This was one of those trips which I am sure not many would have experienced atleast the way we did. The real beauty of Corbett still eludes most of its visitors. Nainital still remains the most popular hill station in the Kumaon region. But Mukteshwar and Bhimtal are hidden gems that you should explore. Just make sure you time the trip correctly as a snow filled Mukteshwar can really be the “off the beat” wonderland that you were searching for.

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